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TILESTONE will redo your tub/shower surround. These areas are typically in main bathrooms and are used long and often by us and especially our kids.

Most of the problems found with these units comes from poor installation practices and because of unclear or insuffient building codes. Wet, damp and/or moldy backerboard (typically drywall or aquaboard) is usually the culprit. Water wicks in and around the grout and tile and penetrates the paper-backed board and destroys it.

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  • tile tub surround
  • tile tub surround
  • polished porcelain tub surround


Tilestone will tear your walls down to studs and repair or replace insulation if required. Then we will rebuild it properly from scratch, using waterproof backerboard and the right adhesives.

We will properly finish your job with premium grout and caulking and then seal your grout to prevent grout discoloration and water penetration.

Please take advantage of our experience at any time for help with your tub and bathroom area. All our estimates are at no charge. If you are doing it yourself we can provide a professional consultation for your project.




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Tilestone is not a tile store. We are built to come to you with everything you need and help you with all of your tile and accessory selection needs. Please give us a chance to help you and we will be right over.
If you have questions or concerns about your tile project please feel free to email to us your pictures or video clip and we will be able to troubleshoot it and probably price it for you right away. We are also equipped to help with all of your tile selection and designing requirements at no extra charge.
Tilestone offers a no charge LIFETIME WARRANTY. Click here for details.


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