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Tilestone Finishing Systems of Kelowna BC installs tile, stone and are grout restoration and renovation experts.




Tilestone is committed to making our customers feel comfortable with their purchases without putting needless pressure on them for money until the work is done. If there are substantial up-front costs associated with a project, then more up-front money is required. If the project is longer term, say upwards of 2 weeks, then a progress payment can be worked out. If there is little up-front cost and the project is shorter term, then we will simply receive payment when the work is done.

We have a Work Order/Contract Form which we will draw up on the spot or send and receive digitally which will list the services we are both agreeing to and the costs, expectations and terms involved. Final payouts are due and payable on the day that the work is complete. We do not offer any terms on final payments.

Tilestone will receive any and all forms of payment including your choice of major credit card, cheque or cash. We will charge 12% HST on all services until further notice. For your convenience you may click here to make a credit card or PayPal payment.



Tilestone offers a conditional lifetime warranty on our work to the original purchaser at the original address. On each Work Order/Contract it will be specified if this warranty is applicable or not. If it is not listed on the Work Order/Contract it must be understoood that it is not. There is no extra charge for this warranty.


This warranty may be applicable under any one of these six circumstances:

1. We are solely responsible for the complete construction or rebuild of any walk-in shower or tub surround including base, wallboard, prep work, tile work and grouting.

2. Installation of all interior floor tile and grouting including installation of the subfloor.

3. Installation of all interior wall tile and grouting.

4. It applies to special areas including fireplaces and countertops.

5. All interior grout recoloring projects.

6. Other types of installations may have this warranty apply to them but they must be noted on the Work/Order Contract.



This warranty will cover at this contractor's cost the cost of ripout and reinstallation of all materials including all necessary supplies but DOES NOT INCLUDE the cost of the tile itself, tile trim, inserts or other items including glass, doors or any kind of electrical, plumbing or ornamental fixture.

This warranty DOES NOT COVER plumbing leaks, repairs or the results of these in any way shape or form. This warranty does cover the rebuilding of a shower base and repair of a shower drain that we installed. It does not cover any subsequent damage to other areas as a result of this faulty drain.

This warranty DOES NOT COVER any kind of damage obviously the result of outside damage, building shifting or other types of destruction or manipulation.

This warranty does not cover "hairline cracks in the grout". This type of result is way too common and very inconspicuous at it's worst and often cannot be prevented as these usually show up on perimeter areas which are prone to cracking. Anything larger than a hairline crack is defined as a crack that you can comfortably fit the end of a small snap-off blade cutter type of knife into.

An addressed, dated and signed copy of this warranty must be produced by the customer in order to validate it. In other words; web pages can be changed but a signed and dated hard copy cannot.



PHONE : 250.864.3410


Tilestone is not a tile store. We are built to come to you with everything you need and help you with all of your tile and accessory selection needs. Please give us a chance to help you and we will be right over.
If you have questions or concerns about your tile project please feel free to email to us your pictures or video clip and we will be able to troubleshoot it and probably price it for you right away. We are also equipped to help with all of your tile selection and designing requirements at no extra charge.
Tilestone offers a no charge LIFETIME WARRANTY. Click here for details.


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