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The mediator between your cabinets and your countertops is your backsplash. The most important thing to remember with backsplash design in general is that "less is more". Too many designs strive to add to much detail like inserts and borders. Keep in mind that the average space between counters and the upper cabinets is only 18" or so, even less if there is a valance on the lower part of the upper cupboards that limits the view of the backsplash wall.

The choice to choose man-made tile or real stone is actually not as important to the look as are the dimensions of the material and the layout design and pattern. In fact many porcelain tiles are so realistic that a lot of people cannot tell the difference.

Please click here for additional pictures of ceramic and porcelain tile backsplash designs.

Click here for stone and slate backsplash pictures.


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  • mosaic tile kitchen backsplash
  • porcelain tile kitchen backsplash with stainless steel border
  • glass tile mosaic kitchen backsplash over butcher block kitchen countertop
  • ceramic tile planks over Corian kitchen countertops
  • Four inch kitchen backsplash tile over black granite kitchen counters
  • subway style ceramic tile on kitchen splash
  • tumbled marble kitchen backsplash
  • tumbled limestone kitchen backsplash
  • tumbled limestone kitchen backsplash with polished granite countertops
  • tumbled slate tile mosaic on kitchen backsplash with granite counters





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