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If it appears that your kitchen requires something more than a minor makeover like a backsplash or a new floor, then please allow Tilestone to bring our extensive experience to your new kitchen plans.

There may not be a need to change everything, but the work may require more than a contractor in your home over a couple of days. Allow us an opportunity to manage the extra trades you will need as well as performing the extra work beyond just setting some tile and installing a backsplash.

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Follow the picture gallery below and the reasoning that went into this project...



Images 1 & 2. The marble-top peninsula was a waste of space and had no cabinets, but it also closed in and cut off the kitchen from the living area in this condo. The new island with it's cabinets on both sides opened things up nicely. Electrical and baseboard heat was moved and new outlets added. There wasn't enough hardwood left to patch in the opening where the peninsula wall was, so we slotted in the hardwood perpendicular to the rest of the floor and ran the electrical between the concrete and the hardwood by routing out channels in the bottom of the boards for the wire to rest in.

Images 3 & 4.The do-it yourself marble on the peninsula and the backsplash was not only ugly but full of lippage and crooked. The 18x18" granite tile on the new island and countertops was a good option as a solid surface top was out of the budget. The existing cupboards were still in new condition and the island was constructed to match the cupboards at the main area. A microwave-vent combination was installed over the new stove in place of the old, stand-alone hood vent.

Images 5 & 6. The old molded countertops were completely stripped and rebuilt with 1 inch plywood and faced with the granite tile. Countertop edging was manufactured with matching granite tile strips. A 1 inch glass mosaic tile was installed in place of the old marble. The light aqua-green color went perfectly with the spotted rose-colored granite.




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