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We at TILESTONE would be very excited honored if you would allow us to show you our ideas to rebuild your common bathroom areas or master ensuite.

We have extensive experience in every aspect of the re-building process. We possess the skilll and vision to help make your ideas a reality.

Tilestone will rebuild your walk-in shower with the latest and most water-tight construction systems. We will be careful to seamlessly and effectively tie-in every area of your bathroom including wall and tub splashes, flooring, baseboard and of course, the latest and most stylish in bathroom fixtures and accessories.

If you want to take the chill off any area, have us install nuheat heated tile floor underlays for you. There is nothing on earth quite like a warm floor to step on in the middle of the night or after a shower. These systems are very low in power consumption and not as expensive as some might think.

We will manage any additional required trades such as plumbers and electricians. All our tradespeople are fully certified, licensed and insured.

Check out the Photo Gallery for more bathroom remodeling pictures.

The pictures below show a few pictures of the development of one master ensuite we designed and constructed.


  • 1 BEFORE
  • 2. AFTER
  • 3. BEFORE
  • 4. AFTER
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • Bathroom remodeling before renovation
  • Bathroom remodeling after renovation
  • Bathroom remodeling before renovation
  • Bathroom remodeling after renovation
  • bathroom tile and remodeling for Kelowna BC
  • bathroom tile and remodeling for Kelowna BC



This bathroom had a full wall separation between the shower and toilet area. The other side had a vanity in the middle with another short wall. Opposite that was a nastly little closet area next to the window. We opened it all up by taking out all walls and separators, then installed a new vanity next to the window across from the new closet area which was totally rebuilt.

Tilestone will supply the best available trades including plumbing and electrical. Because these tub areas are typically rebuilt with a complete bathroom renovation in mind, allow us the chance to build and manage your whole bathroom project for you.



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Tilestone is not a tile store. We are built to come to you with everything you need and help you with all of your tile and accessory selection needs. Please give us a chance to help you and we will be right over.
If you have questions or concerns about your tile project please feel free to email to us your pictures or video clip and we will be able to troubleshoot it and probably price it for you right away. We are also equipped to help with all of your tile selection and designing requirements at no extra charge.
Tilestone offers a no charge LIFETIME WARRANTY. Click here for details.


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