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Grout Re-Coloring is the most dramatic, permanent, affordable solution for older or dirty grout that will completely transform your floor's appearance.

This is an exclusive service offered by Tilestone Finishing Systems. We will precisely represent any and all Mapei or Custom grout colors. Other manufacturer's colors are also available when needed.

If you have an area in your house where your grout is shaded, soiled or discolored in any way, this is the best option to full tile replacement and always at a small fraction of the cost.

Lets face it, dirty looking grout can make your whole floor look old even if it's not. Stop trying to manage your dirty grout. Our grout re-coloring service cannot be oversold! We are simply that confident in the results. Our grout re-coloring service work is permanent. It will last indefinitely.

Our recoloring service is GUARANTEED for as long as you own your home.

Please call us for a free estimate on your grout issues and stop being a slave to your tile floors.

Click here for more grout re-coloring pictures. The before and after's below speak for themselves...


  • 1. BEFORE
  • 2. AFTER
  • 3. BEFORE
  • 4. AFTER
  • 5. BEFORE
  • 6. AFTER
  • 7. BEFORE
  • 8. AFTER
  • walk-in shower before cleaning and grout recoloring
  • walk-in shower after grout and tile restoration work
  • porcelain tile floor before cleaning, grout recoloring and sealing
  • porcelain tile floor after cleaning, grout recoloring and sealing
  • bathroom floor tile before cleaning, grout recoloring and sealing
  • bathroom floor tile after cleaning, grout recoloring and sealing
  • bathroom floor tile before cleaning, grout recoloring and sealing
  • bathroom floor tile after cleaning, grout recoloring and sealing



We will come in and clean your tiles and grout, then re-color by hand every grout joint and finally, seal it with a clear-coat protector to lock in the color to ease your everyday cleaning chores.

The result is a smoother, completely consistent grout that keeps it's factory color indefinitely. The results will be so dramatic that your floor will look new even if it is several years old. In fact, the only reasons you'll have to change your tile now will be because you are tired of it or need to change the whole decor.



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Tilestone is not a tile store. We are built to come to you with everything you need and help you with all of your tile and accessory selection needs. Please give us a chance to help you and we will be right over.
If you have questions or concerns about your tile project please feel free to email to us your pictures or video clip and we will be able to troubleshoot it and probably price it for you right away. We are also equipped to help with all of your tile selection and designing requirements at no extra charge.
Tilestone offers a no charge LIFETIME WARRANTY. Click here for details.


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